(859) 331-5368 [email protected]

Emergency:  Dial: 911

• when life is at risk
• someone is injured
• offenders are nearby
• immediate action is required

**Using 911 for non-urgent calls may delay response to someone who needs urgent assistance**

Non-Urgent Calls:  


• to report a crime



• to leave a message
• to obtain information or advice

Online notification of non-emergency, inactive incidents

This form is to be used for non-emergency, inactive incidents or to provide general information. This is not an actively monitored media and requested responses can take up to 24-48 hours. If you are reporting an active/current situation contact Kenton County Dispatch at (859)356-3191.

Officer Email Contact List:

Col. Christopher J. Schutte – Chief of Police

Melissa Sies – Police Clerk

Lt. Col. Brad Degenhardt – Assistant Chief

Capt. Russell Leberecht

Sgt. Sam Goodman
Sgt. Mike Paolucci

Ptl. James Jackson
Ptl. Shawn Kleier
Ptl. Jonathan Henderson
Ptl. Brett Mullins
Ptl. Todd Amann
Ptl. Nick Metzger
Ptl. Justin Holman

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